Decorating Guide – How to Make the Perfect Birthday Cake?

  1. Birthday Cake DecorationBaking the cake. This may be the easiest step of them because all you have got to do is follow that you bought. Cakes can wind up being somewhat dry. Think about adding a bit more of some if you would like to avoid this. By adding another egg into one way which you can boost the moistness of your cake is. Let it cool after the cake has finished cooking. To be able to attain maximum results consider placing the cake.
  2. Ice the cake. Be certain you ice before you try to do any decorating and smooth out. This icing layer ought to be permitted to cool before you continue with the procedure. To be able to allow the frosting set up put the cake in the fridge.
  3. Prepare your tools. Waiting and having a well-organized work area with your drawing tools ready will make the cake process go more smoothly. Place all your drawing accessories and tools in one place, set the cake and set the colored icing in another. Consider placing your cake decorating bags in glass jars that are tall, protect against messes and tip end down to keep them organized.
  4. Create the decorations that are easiest. Borders and items that are big will be the things. Top edges bottom borders and other items can be drawn on to supply a starting point for ondeh ondeh cake decorations and more detailed decorations.
  5. Exercise on surfaces. Before you draw on the cake, consider drawing on another surface to be able to find decoration or the drawing perfect. When you are confident that you have got it down, then go on and draw the cake. It is possible to use another surface that is flat or a cookie sheet. After every practice effort scoop up the icing with a spatula and put it back.
  6. Use accessories. There are Lots of tools and kitchen utensils which may be used to create great looking designs. You can use knives forks, spoons, Spatulas, measuring cups and other kitchen items that are common to make creative and original. You can use other Items like candy, nuts, sprinkles that are decorating and other items a cake for your child’s birthday celebration.